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The Sustainiac Stealth PRO contains the following features:


SUSTAINIAC DRIVER: The Sustainiac driver replaces your neck pickup. 


SUSTAINIAC MAIN CIRCUIT BOARD: The Sustainiac circuit board can be installed into most electric guitar electronics cavities with little or no routing. Measures about 90mm x 40mm.


The Sustainiac in most configurations has an ON/OFF control switch and also a 3-position MODE control switch (standard, mix and harmonic modes).


We offer 3 types of Auxiliary control boards:


The Aux-TT board (most popular) is 1.8 in. (46mm) wide x 1.35 in. (35mm) tall. (Requires 1.35 in. (35mm) cavity depth). The two toggle switches are spaced 1.00 inches (25.4mm) apart.


The AUX-RG board is the smallest Sustainiac switch board, to be positioned horizontally, while other Aux boards are placed vertically. Measures 40mm by 25mm. About 1 inch of depth is needed inside the cavity.


The AUX-JS (Joe Satriani signature) has an ON/OFF push/pull pot control (tone pot) and also a HARMONIC MODE control. Measures 55m x 35mm.


Auxiliary boards are not required, you can use loose toggle switches, or push/pull pots for turning sustain On and Off, and to switch between standard and harmonic modes (no mix mode in this configuration).


Package includes:

- Humbucker driver
- Stealth Pro Board
- Aux Board of your choice (or no board, we can supply loose switches or push/pull pots)
- Ribbon Cables and connectors
- Battery connector
- Mounting screws and springs
- Stereo Input Jack
- Installation manual and wiring diagram


Battery compartment available separately


We offer Sustainiac kits with different configurations, including white drivers and spare parts. Feel free to ask questions!

Sustainiac Stealth Pro Kit

  • The Sustainiac Stealth PRO sustain system drives the strings of an electric guitar into infinite feedback sustain of string vibrations by electromagnetic feedback. You control the feedback sustain by simple hand muting. Also, you don't have to blast your ears with dangerous sound levels of a large amp. It doesn't change the tone of your guitar pickups or output signal, because it operates directly on the instrument strings. 


    Used by many guitarists, including Joe Satriani, Matt Bellamy and Synyster Gates.



  • We offer a 10-day return policy. Return shipping not covered under warranty.

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