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FHM-3140 Bridge position - 2 conductor

As featured in many Fernandes Sustainer-equipped guitars, including the legendary FSK-401 Sustainer kit, it adds juice and versatility to the bridge position of any humbucker equipped guitar. With its hot coils, and alnico 5 bar magnet, this pickup delivers an unmistakable upper midrange attack, a tight, articulate low end, and harmonically rich highs that can really sing.


The FHM-3140 is the perfect bridge pickup for anything from blues & country to the meanest hard rock & metal.


Includes pickup frame, screws, springs, and crimp metal terminals for easy installation on any Fernandes Sustainer system (in case you have a Sustainer equipped guitar).



Fernandes FHM-3140 High Output Humbucker Black

$99.95 Regular Price
$49.98Sale Price
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