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- Single Coil Sized Sustainer driver with a dummy cover encased in a black humbucker frame
- 3-mode Sustainer Circuit Board
- Optional High Output Humbucker
- Volume Pot

- Tone Pot

- Sustainer Intensity Pot
- 5 way Pickup Selector Switch

- Stereo Jack

- Easy Access Battery Box
- 9 Volt Battery
- Sustainer Installation Manual

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5 year warranty.

Fernandes FSK-401-HF Sustainer Kit

  • The legendary Fernandes 3-mode Sustainer Kit with a Fernandes FSK-401 Full Pre-wired 3-mode Sustainer Kit with Humbucker Assembly.

    Complete electronics package brings Sustain Control to higher limits.

    3 modes are: Standard (Sustains fundamental note of all ringing strings), Harmonic (5th harmonic of all ringing strings) and Mix (blends standard and harmonic into one sound).

    As used by Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, The Edge, Robert Fripp, Steve Hackett, Kerry King, Neal Schon, Zakk Wylde, Matt Bellamy and many others!

  • We offer a 10-day return policy. Return shipping not covered under warranty.

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