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- 3-mode Sustainer Circuit Board
- 1 Volume Pot & Knob

- 1 Tone Pot & Knob

- 1 Sustainer Intensity Pot & Knob
- 5 way Pickup Selector Switch

- 1 Stereo Jack
- 9 Volt Battery
- Sustainer Installation Manual

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5 year warranty.

3-Mode Sustainer PCB

SKU: 002
  • 3-mode Sustainer Circuit Board complete electronics package, brings Sustain Control to higher limits.

    3 modes are: Standard (Sustains fundamental note of all ringing strings), Harmonic (5th harmonic of all ringing strings) and Mix (blends standard and harmonic into one sound).

    Compatible with all Fernandes Sustainer pickups/drivers and Sustainer-equipped guitars.

    Upgrade your old 2-mode FSK-101 board to the 3-mode, it's a very easy swap!

  • We offer a 10-day return policy. Return shipping not covered under warranty.

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